February 26, 2006

Top films from the past 2005 (3)

14. Anemic Cinema (Marcel Duchamp, 1926)

I always like 3-D cinema that doesn't need the glasses.

13. H2O (Ralph Steiner, 1929)

The early avant-gardists were fascinated by water and reflections in it. (About one-third of the films in the Avant-Garde set contain such images. Maybe a subject for a later post.) This is the most "avant-garde" of all of them. It begins in representation and ends in abstraction.

12. The House is Black (Fourogh Farrokhzad, 1963)

More like a psalm than a documentary.

11. LÂ’Etoile de mer (Man Ray, 1928)

A dream, under glass.

10. La Tempestaire (Jean Epstein, 1947)

Another great leading role for water, this time as an immense ocean storm.


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